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Georgia Aquarium April 10, 2006

Posted by bluedevil in Travel.

Today I visited Georgia aquarium for this to happen I had to buy tickets a week before as my work colleague advice me to advance book my tickets because on weekends its usually sold out.

As I entered the Aquarium I was handed out a free Aquarium map. After a quick glance @ the map I got to know that – The Georgia Aquarium is billed as the world's largest. It is the largest because it has about 100,000 fish from 60 habitats in the more than 500,000 square foot building. It also has two Whale Sharks — the world's largest fish.

Aquarium is divided in five galleries:

  1. Tropical Diver
  2. Ocean Voyager
  3. Cold Water Quest
  4. River Scout
  5. Georgia Explorer

The main attraction for me was the Whale Sharks and the Beluga Whales. It was just awesome to see these creatures alive swimming just front of you and just an acrylic glass separating us. It’s just amazing.

The last gallery I visited was the Georgia Explorer; there I got to experience touching Star fish and other fishes there. The good thing about the gallery is that they give 15 – 20 mins breaks for the fish were you cant touch them, it was kinda cool that you are giving them rest from constantly being touch by humans.

The whole disappointment was that I was not able to see any turtles. No turtles, how can that be?


The grand finale was the 4D Theater. This was also a nice experience, it was a movie similar to “Finding Nemo” but with a very good message for all – “Don’t mess with Mother Nature”.

I recommend if you are in Atlanta and have not seen the Georgia Aquarium then leave everything as is and visit the Largest Aquarium in the World NOW!




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