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Buffalo – be my companion forever May 30, 2006

Posted by bluedevil in Geek talks.

I got my Buffalo LinkStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) yesterday. It is a 250GB HDD with a gigabit network card. The System supports Windows, Linux and Mac off the box. It as a very nice little web admin from where you can configure the LinkStation to behave the way you want it to. It is very useful when you have multiple systems and you need a single point of stage for all your files like mine. Yes I know few of you will argue that you can setup one of the old system to be the file server, but would it work on just 17 watts of power and give the following advantage:+ Toaster like size+ Low power consumption – 17 watts+ boot time of less than 20 secs+ Web, FTP and Samba servers working out of the box+ Print server+ Expandable thru USB 2.0 ports+ No drivers required+ Backup software to backup your system to this device/appliance or should I say appliancewhite 

 As though this was not enough for my needs, I went and re-flashed the factory firmware to a full blown Debian system which I found @ http://www.linkstationwiki.org. Know I have my White Buffalo running:+ Apache web server with PHP, Perl and SSL support+ MySQL database with PHP and Perl support+ FTP server+ SSH server+ DynDNS client+ Samba+ HDD monitoring tools like SMARTMON, HDPARM and NoFlushI am planning to use the SSH on Buffalo thru web so that I can tunnel it thru office network. This will allow me to browse sites which are blocked by the big bad wolf (my company). This way I can still get to sites to do my research on stuff like this. If this aint cool then what is?



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