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I am back, again! :-o June 13, 2008

Posted by bluedevil in Cant decide which category.
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This time i am not going to promise that i will be blogging more frequently… because I know I have not kept my promise and i am in no face to even ask for you guys to believe me… but this time in I believe its different. So you might ask – what’s so different this time around? Well! folks, this time I have the power, I have the super highway, I have have access to internet from home. **BLUSHY BLUSHY** Yes!!! I have finally given in and installed internet @ home and this will give me the flexibility of blogging from home @ end of day. So lets wait and watch on how frequent will I keep blogging.

So adios amigos for now and see you soon on the same bat time and on the same bat channel.