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My iphone August 27, 2008

Posted by bluedevil in Cant decide which category.

On 22nd aug, 2008 iPhone was launched in India. This was the most exciting time for me because I have been waiting for iphone since the day of it’s birth.

To my dismay many of the vodafone stores was not carrying it and since had to literally run massive manhunt for this phone. After a lot search I figured it out that it was available in selected store.

Today I am a proud owner. And I don’t regret a bit on spending a bomb for this gadget. It costed me 29450 Indian rupees to own this baby.

Next up, list of apps I have loaded on my phone and it’s productivity review.

Blue Devil



1. sonaljhuj - August 28, 2008

okay so i really want to know if it was worth it. i mean sure you bought it and all… but what’s cooler in this iphone compared to the previous version.

looking forward to another post on that.

2. marcifrancis22690 - April 8, 2016

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