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Super Bowl XL February 7, 2006

Posted by bluedevil in Sports.
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This was the 1st ever super bowl I have ever seen, actual it is the 1st ever american football game I watched start to finish. Oh! boy what a game it was to watch. My friend Bryan took to me to this Super Bowl party @ his friends place. They had about four TV in differenet rooms and one big screen projector throwing the game on a wall. Boy I loved watching the game there. Everyone in the group where cheering for Steeler which is suppose to be my good old friend Jonathans’ team. I felt sad for Sea Hawk and well they did pretty weel the 1st half. The game was interesting till the end of 3rd quarter. In the fourth quarter the steeler were the known winners. I guess Jonathan would have enjoyed every bit of the Steelers win and would have partied the whole night. I guess he must be hangover till now as he as not returned my call.

Anyways I would be looking forward for next years super bowl this time around. I hope it will be broadcasted to India.